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Stockholm Visit Yesterday

Since I were dead tired when I came home, I waited until now to post..

It was among the most limited visits I've done to Stockholm..

Got there at 9 a.m. And it was darn cold winds.. Since nothing much had opened, I went to Gallerian first, and Press Stop.. Nothing special. Didn't buy anything, but it shows that I'm starting to work my photography interest up, since I've fallen back on my behaviour of checking out tons of lifestyle/fashion-magazines, looking for visual ideas.. When I photographed the most.. Interview and L.A. Style + French Marie Claire, Italian Vogue and spanish Amica, were magazines I bought regularly, in addition to French Photo-magazines..

By the time I were finished at Press Stop, NK had opened, so I went there.. and some rain-drops started to fall.. Nothing you really noticed, but.. Well.. took the escalators to the top floor, and the Media stuff (on the way, you pass the Marlboro Classics Department, and I always look long after it.. They didn't seem to have something interesting tho. But.. I love Marlboro Classics.. The style, and quality.. Even if they've gotten kind of worse.. Before, they had originals/genuine stuff.. Now they're, except for the Dust Jackets, more or less the same as everybody else..

They've got a lot of nice stuff at NK.. and.. well.. in the end I bought 2 DVDs. "Les Amants du Pont-Neuf" (The Lovers on Pont-Neuf), by Leos Carax. A movie I had set out to buy, if they still had it.. I don't know. The movie isn't that original (Which was one of the main points of the critics, especially since it was, at the time, the most expensive movie made in France), but... well.. it's really strong, and special. Love of "Titanic", "Moulin Rouge" stuff, but far stronger and better.
Also bought "Sexy Beast", which has been really celebrated in UK etc.. but for some reason, haven't turned up in Sweden, neither on the big screens or on video (as far as I know). The Swedish critics has mentioned it in columns etc, and it having been such a lot of buzz about it in UK etc.. one might think it'll turn up on DVD in Sweden, but.. no... I guess it's because it's an Independent Film.. as in not by any of the big American studios etc, nobody is interested in picking it up..
I do start to think there's place for an independent art film distributor in Sweden, since the distributors there is, seems more and more tied up with the American Studios.. It seems the only true independent there still is, is Atlantic Film, who mostly release cheap, 99:- ($9.50) movies, very often from Dino De Laurentiis, etc.. Highlander, Frances, The Lover, My Name is Nobody etc.. There should be a place for someone distributing the films FilmFour, Artificial Eye, Artisan, Tartan and Connossieur distributes in UK.
Also bougth 2 CDs.. Something that's called "Ken Burn's Jazz".. there's a lot in that series, and this was "Charles Mingus". Some kind of Greatest Hits.. I've heard some music by him, played by others, and has liked a lot of that.. but never gotten around to actually get a Charles Mingus CD, to see if it's somehting for me..
Then I bought the missing, in my collection, The Beatiful South - "Blue is the colour", with the really wonderful "Rotterdam (or Anywhere)". I'm not sure why I didn't buy it.. Maybe because it was the first with the new singer, and I don't like her as much as their first singer (Who quit because she was unhappy with some of the lyrics. Refusing to sing, what she deemed degrading for women etc, and unhappy that it seemed to be the path Beautiful South were heading).
When I came out, the streets were really wet, so I guess I were lucky to miss out on some heavy rain.

Then went to Hedengrens Book Store.. They're really great on non-fiction, especially film stuff.. Didn't find any of that, I can't get somewhere else, but did buy Stephen King's new book: "Everything's Eventual - 14 dark tales".

On the way back, I stopped at my favorite shop in Stockholm, Panini at Jakobsbergsgatan, and bought me a Sandwich.. By far, the best I've ever had. The main place for buying lunch sandwiches for all the Bank/insurance/investing companies in that area.. the summer I lived down in Stockholm, I ate tons of them.. Strongly reckommended for those in Stockholm, or visiting. They've got other Paninis in Stockholm, but that one is the best, by far, I've tried..

Didn't eat it right away, tho..

Stopped at Akademi Bokhandeln.. Saw they had the Stephen King book, but cheaper.. Hmm.. Well.. Picked up to other books instead.. The homage book to Douglas Adams - The Salmon of Doubt (Collecting various stuff, as well as the unifinised 3rd Dirk Gently novel he was working with, edited together from various attempts at writing it, notes etc, by his regular editor, so it should basically be the novel as intended, only not finished as a whole, and with a final "go ahead an publish it"-statement.), an the latest William Diehl novel (My favorite author, if you didn't knew that).

Went to Åhlèns. Checked out there Multimedia department.. They're good, because they've got such a lot of DVD, Mac stuff and Playstation 2 (plus PC, Xbox, Gamecube), even if they're slightly traditional, as in having basically everything that's been released in Sweden only. They've got some imported stuff etc.. but not that much. That way.. it's stuff you could get in other places, if you're lucky. It's having it all before you, in one place, that makes it fun, tho.. The first thing I saw, was a Mylène Farmer DVD "Live à Bercy". I've got it on CD, and got another Live DVD, but wished for a DVD of Bercy instead of the Mylenium Tour, since Bercy was far better (judging by the CD). So.. of course I picked it up right away.. They're having a Multimedia sale at Åhlèns, and found "Dudley Do-Right" on sale there... To say it's a great film would be to stretch things a touch.. but.. it's entertaining, and charming.. and has a crazy attitude I like.

Wasn't sure what to do after Åhlèns.. Kind of forgot about Mega. Thought I'd go have a look, at Filmstaden Sergel, if there were any movie I could fit in, before seeing "Panic Room" (which I'd decided to see).
They had some, but.. couldn't resist Ice Age (with the original English dialouge (it's shown dubbed to Swedish as well). I'd wanted to see it since I saw the trailer for it in Waco, TX in July last year.. But, since I wanted to see it in English.. the opportunities to see it didn't fit, when it was showing around here.. Now I got the chance to see it, and.. I'm all happy for it.. it was totally great. Just loved it. (As usual, I have the reviews in <lj user=luka91_reviews). I don't know.. they showed trailers for various movies before, including the new Star Wars.. and (it's the first time I see it on the big screen) it seems to be a movie you can't miss.. The look of The Phantom Menace, but in A New Hope/Empire Strikes Back style. Exciting, and.. I only have to go down to Stockholm to see it.. I can promise you.. it's gonna be the sound movie of all time.. Oh.. and for the Sandwich.. I had that one before the movie started.. Then it wasn't much time to do much else, so I went to Royal, and bought tickets for Panic Room, and saw it, before heading for the train station to get back home.. Nothing special... Started reading in "The Salmon of Doubt", but was so tired, I didn't feel like doing it.. instead sat and nodded off... Get home.. had a look a the Mylène Farmer DVD.. drank tea, checked e-mail, and then went to bed..

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