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Yesterday - Today

Started writing this yesterday, but never got the chance to finish and post it..

Decided I'd go an buy me a Playstation 2 yesterday..

It's still kind of expensive etc.. but.. well.. couldn't resist..

Now, it's hard to set a price, since you have several options.. the Base unit with one control.. + 1 or 2 movies.. + Memory Card... Things like that..

But.. think the proper price for a base unit, with one control, is about $330.. Even if you can find cheaper ones at the big electronic chains.. (Think Circuit City etc), where you can get it for like $280. Which means the prices are generally coming down..

Have had such longing for one lately.. I didn't care that much.. I didn't even bother to go find a really cheap one.. so I decided to go out and get one here in Sandviken..

Went to "Expert" first.. but they're totally crazy.. They've always been slightly expensive etc.. but.. They wanted $385. Said it was a touch expensive.. especially since Sony's reckommended price is like $50 less.. But then, that stupid salesman said.. Sure.. but then they've stripped everything away etc.. And you could find them for like $450 in some places (with Games included and stuff). Then, of course.. I asked what was included in those $385.. Well.. the Playstation and one control.. as in.. the basic package.. Almost wanted to ask what those selling for about $100 less has stripped away.. Do you not get an electric cord, or what??

Went to Åhlèns, where I knew it cost $346. Still a touch expensive.. but.. as I said.. didn't want any fuzz.. just wanted one, without having to go to some other place and get it, etc.. Evenif it cost me about $50. But.. as I said.. this must be my lucky day.. Went there.. and the first thing.. I found out they've started a Multimedia/DVD - sale.. and I were able to pick up "Scream - The Collection" on DVD.. A box with the 2 first movies.. I've already got both of them, but, the original release of Scream in Sweden was the slightly cut version, and.. worst of all.. in Full Screen.. In the Box, it's the uncut "Director's Cut" version (it's only like 10 seconds or something) and it's in 1:2.35 Widescreen.. The box originally was $48, but now it was only $17.. A saving of 30 bucks!! and getting it in the way it's supposed to be.

Then went and picked up the Playstation2.. $346, and a game (Resident Evil - Code: Veronica X) and went to pay.. She asked me if I were a Åhlèns Club Member.. Nope.. Was I interested? They had a Club Day, which among other things meant 20% off on one item.. and I would get the card etc right away, and be able to use it on the Playstation2.. Well.. yeah.. So.. in the end I got it for like $276. A saving of $70.. (or at least about $20 -30 compared with what I could've picked it up for, somewhere else). Can't complain... A real lucky day.. Deciding to go there exactly yesterday, etc..

Didn't get much sleep tho.. Went to bed at about 9 a.m. Went up at 3 p.m. to be able to go buy the Playstion.. and.. obviously.. didn't get that much sleep when I came home..
Then worked the night.. Think I fell asleep all the time.. (as soon as I sat down).

The worst part was that I couldn't go to bed when I came home neither.. (actually, then I were quite awake, and not even close of falling asleep), because I'd decided to go get my hair cut today.

Still.. wasn't exactly full of energy, so I guess I was slow in getting into shower, and then get moving.. Was kinda lucky.. Didn't had to wait more than 5 mins before it was my turn.. and the woman cutting my hair said I were lucky, since it had been real busy all morning, and I might have ended up waiting for a couple of hours for my turn.. Well.. got the hair cut, basically as short I could have it..

Also got "Starman" on DVD, in the mail.. I so love that movie, for several reasons.. Jeff Bridges, of course, being my favorite actor.. Karen Allen having been an actress I've got a good eye too.. both when it comes to acting and looks.. the story is great.. entertaining/exciting as well as romantic and touching.. The Starman Theme is a really wonderful piece of music..
But, there's another reason as well.. For some time, during my years of being depressed a lot.. I saw it very often.. I've never figured out if it was the movie or my mood that made that happen.. but.. it seemed that when I needed to cry, knowing it or not.. I saw that movie.. and usually started to cry when "Starman" resurrects that deer.. past when he saves Karen Allen.. all the way to the end.. basically.. Every single time I watched it.. Mostly because it's so.. "great". so.. beautiful.. It's kind of happy crying..

Got some sleep.. 3 hrs, and surprisingly, I were able to wake up, and get out of bed, despite having been up for 24 hrs.. Had to get up, because I had time washing.. (That's the thing with me.. When I don't need to do anything, and go take a "nap", it can be really hard to get up.. but if I have to get up, I usually wake up "wide awake"..

Well... Washing.. Was really down on stuff to wear (Don't have that much for starters).
Partly because of that.. to some degree because I really hate washing and make it as long as possible between the times.. I make sure to wash basically everything I've got... Right now, I'm wearing only a pair of pants with holes in them.. really worn out.. no underwear (and some holes are in places that's darn close to being real indecent.. and a Tee I wouldn't wear in public (Except that distance between here and the Washing Cabin...

Now I'm only gonna finish a mail for nico, and then go to bed..

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