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If you've read my journal lately.. (at least hlu's done that), you know that I just bought Highlander on DVD.. it's a special movie, and it was only SEK 99:- ($ 9.50)..

But.. the interesting thing is that it says (in Swedish): Now in uncut original version, on the cover.

Now, there's an interesting thing.. It has never, ever, been cut in Sweden. The original version was shown in at least the whole of Europe. In USA tho, it was cut with about 5 minutes, so that "Original Version" is a caption lifted from the USA version (where they released a "Original Version Collector's Edition DVD")

I don't know why we have that caption over here, where we always has seen the original version (Except that it might fool someone in believing they'll get more of Highlander, than they've already seen.. as in.. Marketing.)

But.. it's a thing that turns up every now and then..

"The Wild Bunch" was released some time ago.. A "Director's Cut", which doesn't differ the least from what was shown in European Cinemas, and on previous Video releases.. but.. the movie was cut with about 10 mins in USA, so.. that's another case of us getting the USA caption..

You have a "La Reine Margot" (Queen Margot) and a "La Reine Margot - Version Longue" (Long Version) on video over here.. the Long version being a "special edition".. as in.. the version we saw in cinemas in Europe, while the standard video release is the 20 mins shorter American Version.

I guess the main reason for this, is that it's almost always USA companies releasing the movies on Video, in the end. It might be a Swedish, German or whatever company releasing it in each country, but it's always 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. or someone behind it.. as in.. having done the transfers, owning the rights etc (Making a Video Transfer is extremely expensive, so if there's an avaible transfer, few companies goes to lenght making a new one, but buys an already made transfer if it's avaible).

"World Cinema" is kind of strange in most of Europe, since we rarely get to see those movies, unless they're picked up by Sony Classics, 20th C-F etc. You can have the biggest success ever in, say Italy, but the rest of Europe won't see it, until, say 20th Century Fox picks it up, and starts releasing it in the rest of Europe, and then often "adjusts the movie".

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