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Well.. what's happened when I've been "away"..

Nothing much on this front..

Hey.. I've spent all this time staring at my computer screen, you know.. :)

Well.. got some new DVDs.. (and.. I'm ashamed to say it.. but I've actually taking a break from my work with the computer and watched some of them.. ) "All work, and no play makes Luka a dull boy", you know.. :D

"Ladyhawke", "Last Exit to Brooklyn" and "Legend" is new DVDs.. (But.. well.. I'll write about them in my other journal luka_reviews

The only major thing having happened around here, was that a buddy was hurt real bad by scalding hot water at work.. We have some heat-tanks, with 85 - 95 C (about 200 F, I think). Well.. it flooded, for some reason, and he got a lot of it on his right arm and chest.. and obviously running down on his leg.. so, it was Ambulance and Police and everything etc.. Sad.. He managed with 1st and 2nd degree burns, but still.. about the worst thing one could suffer from..

On a completely different subject.. it do feels good that the days are getting a lot longer.. When I wake up at 4.30 am.. It's so nice seeing that it's already half bright outside, and when I walk to work at 5.15.. it's basically full daylight, with the sun just below the horizon.. Another month, and the sun would rise at about 3.30 - 4 am.. something to look forward to.. and.. of course.. the evenings are getting longer too.. I think the sun sets at somewhere around 8.30 - 9 p.m. now.. soon it's gonna be at about 11 p.m.. and then it's not gonna get really dark neither.. with the sun so close to the horizon, it's gonna be "evening light" until about midnight - 1 a.m.

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