Thom' Luka (luka91) wrote,
Thom' Luka

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"Stockholm, Stockholm stad i världen, Stockholm, Stockholm världens stad"

Just booked some tickets to go to Stockholm next Monday.. (the 29th).

Just a daytrip.. Spend money.. eat at Burger King.. maybe see a movie..

Maybe seeing some friends..

Don't have any specific plans.. Except going to NK and Mega, to buy some DVD.. They sure had some DVDs I were to cheapish to buy the last time I was there.. but.. which I really wants... They had the most interesting movies of all the places I've been to in Stockholm.. Several movies I've not seen anywhere else, such as "Les Amants du Pont-Neuf" (I sure hope they still got it, since I've really regretted not buying it when I was there).

But... if there's someone of my LJ friends down in Stockholm) interested in finding out whom I am (in real life), you sure have your chance..

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