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Well.. supposedly I was gonna spend the day.. planning the trip.. and.. well. did some.. Takes surprisingly long time..

I basically have the route I'm gonna take.. Now I've mostly tried to find out distances and driving times.. also have looked up one heck of a lot of City Websites, to see if there's something to see, along the route..

MSN doesn't work for me.. can't log on.. Feel kinda handicapped by that, for some reason.. does that mean I'm too much of an Internet addict?

Surprisingly, I seem to have chatted half of the day anyway.. AIM, Yahoo and ICQ..

It sure is many nice people here at LJ.. and it really has been wonderful chatting with them..

The good thing about chatting with someone on LJ, is that you don't have to search for subjects.. Since we read each others journals, you know what has happened and you can always chat about that..

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