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I've just ran Norton Discdoctor to fix all files, and then Speed Disc to defragment the HD, so now I'm finally done.. and back to normal..

And.. I don't know.. Imagination maybe, but.. the computer seems to work far smoother.. Windows just snaps open etc..

I've got a 20 GB HD, with 4 partions.. One small with Mac OS X (Even if I don't work in X, it's nice having it, in case I need it), one big with Mac OS 9.2.2 (Which I'm using, and has all my files on) Then I've got 2 really small partions. A 700 MB "CD", which I'm using as a back-up thing.. All new files goes there, or a copy at least.. and when it's full, I can just burn a 700 MB CD-R. And a 300 MB "Norton" which I'm having Norton Utilities on. It's nice to have it that way, because Speed Disc needs to be run from a separate system, as in using a CD or something to run it from.. Now I can just restart the computer from that partion, and do work on the "main" system-partion, 9.2.2, instead of having to find the CD etc.

The thing is.. on that main partion, I was down to less than 2 GB free space, in the first place.. I also had a lot of new files I didn't had saved on CD or anything, as well as.. some applications not working because of some problem with some file or something, or some extension conflicting it etc.. It was a general mess..

That way.. I decided.. "Once and for all", to do a real clean-up.. That meant look through basically every single file I had (except tons of help-files and other application specific files).. Having somewhere between 80,000 and 100,000 files, that took some time.. Also, trying to find some way to sort them in a nice way was tricky.. Especially since I tried to fit "about the same stuff" on CDs.. As in trying to save the 20,000 something Image-files in a way where themes fit on one CD etc.. Did that, including replacing all the JPEG files of scanned/created images, with the PSD or Tiff original of it from previous CD-Rs..
Obviously, it also meant that I downloaded updates of all programs (after having decided which programs I actually need to have).
When that was done.. it was time to burn the 20 CD-Rs, including inserting the new CD and copying everything back to the HD, to see that there weren't any unreadable and damaged files.. That way, I guess it took about 45 mins to make each CD.. When that was done, and I had everything backed up, I just had to reformat.. and start installing "everything" back.. Mac OS 9.1, updated that to 9.2.2.. install Mac OS 10.0, update that to 10.1 etc.. install all Hardware-applications.. as in printer, scanner, mouse etc.. the rest of the applications, and update them.. Easier said than done.. To be able to keep track of stuff.. I made sure that, after having installed the programs, to run them, set the preferences etc, to get all the files that program creates. Then I "labeled" them, and wrote a comment (To which program that new files belong, so I can find and remove them if I remove the program etc). That way.. it's easy to see what new files I get, if I test some shareware etc.. Think it took basically 2 whole, 18 hrs days, just to do that..

Then I only had to start copying files I want on the HD from the CDs.. Documents and images... and, of course.. as I wrote in the last post.. to convert all PSD and Tiff files to "screen"-versions.. 72 - 100 dpi JPEGs. Doing that, I think I were able to get 2 GB of free space.

All that work with backing up, reformating and general clean up etc, has got me about 6 GB of free space.. from less than 2 GB on the HD, to the 8.5 GB I've got now..

Now, it's really just one more thing I should do.. sort out the fonts folder.. I've got about 1,000 fonts in a folder, and not exatly in a great order..

But.. that has to wait.. It's a work I'll do a little every now and then.. :)

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