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Jeez.. it's 30.6 C (87 F) in this room now..

Another day.. same darn sun..

Sweden is a touch schizo.. it is cold and dark in the winter, and everybody longs for the summer.. That way, summer is sacred.. celebrated as if it was something holy..

Then, during July Sweden basically close down, since most people have their 4 weeks of vacation (In Sweden, you've got the right to at least 25 days vacation (if you've worked the whole year, all of them are paid), and you've got the right to take out 4 of those 5 weeks (Sat and Sun not counted) in a row.. And most people do.. 3 - 5 weeks.. but most takes 4 weeks, and use the rest of the days either during the big yearly moose hunt in fall, or between Christmas and New Years Eve..

Some years seems to entirely rain away.. giving no summer at all to speak off.. But, an ordinary year, you've got pretty nice weather.. about 21 - 23 degrees Celsius (70 - 73 F) in the Shadow.. Conditions that, for us in Sweden, used to colder weather.. -5 to - 20 C (23 to -5 F) during the winter.. is quite pleasant.. And since it's almost never drastically hot, we're not exactly prepared for hot weather.. Very few have a real Air Condition etc..

Sweden is pretty well off.. During the summers, we're far enough north to have really long days.. The sun sets at about 11 pm, and rise at about 3 am, which means it doesn't become drastically dark, and there's no time for the air to cool of.. along with the sun being in a pretty good angle.. Then we don't have that much open space around.. In the west, there's Norway with mountains, protecting us from the North Atlantic winds and low-pressures, stopping most of it.. In the east, we've got a small sea, The Baltic Sea, which isn't big enough to support really bad weather.. No hurricanes etc, created over it.. At the same time, as it probably works as a small stopper of bad weather from the East. We never have any severe weathers in Sweden.. Not extremely cold, no big tornadoes, pretty mild hurricanes etc.

And thanks to all this.. there's never that dramatic weather changes..

This year has been kinda weird tho.. The winter was pretty cold.. the so called spring slow and cold. Not until about 2 weeks ago, we had any real warmth in the air.. Even if it was sunny, there were cold winds.. So, we didn't exactly have a period where we could slowly melt out of the winter weather.. Instead.. a week ago, it became really hot.. Some 5 Celsius.. (about 19 F) the least.. maybe even up to 10 C (18 F) in some cases.. above the usual summer weather.. And a sun that has been shining from a cloud-free sky. Just now.. my thermometer, showed 39 C (103 F) in the afternoon sun (6 pm). An ordinary summer, I guess it would've been around 30 C (86 F) the same time.. Well.. it's hot by all means, and to say our bodies weren't exactly prepared for it.. after this cold spring/early summer .. well.. that's not exactly wrong to say..

Tropical Heat.. That's when the temperature never goes below 20 C (68 F) during the 24 hrs of the day and night. Well.. we're about there.. Tropical Climate.. that's when that state lasts for 5 days in a row.. Even if we're not exactly there.. it's been a couple of days with slightly colder nights (not that I've noticed it).. but sure not far away.. The weather fits that of North Africa somewhere.. Nothing against that, but. it's not fair.. If I had wanted that, I think I would've spent a lot of time there..

Jeez.. it's 30.6 C (87 F) in this room now.. and I think I'll prefer meeting Mr. Freeze from Batman & Robin than The Wicked Witch.. you know.. I'm melting, I'm melting.. Hmm.. that's about what it feels like I'm doing, right now..

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