Thom' Luka (luka91) wrote,
Thom' Luka

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At last, I've been able to back up every file I want to have saved.. The HD is basically empty, as I've erased the files I've backed up..

It took some intense work, and I haven't even checked in on Livejournal for the last couple of days, and when I did, it was only to reply to some comment etc..
Doesn't mean I've abandoned any of you, or Livejournal..

Now I've inserted the Mac OS CD, and is ready to restart the computer, to reformat the HD. Then it's the nice work of installing everything.. often meaning.. "You've installed software that demands you restart the computer (OK)". :(

Then it's just to pray to the Computer god that everything I need was backed up properly etc..

Actually, it's gonna be nice.. the computer has been working real slow and been kind of unstable lately.. most likely thanks to the amount of files I had, as well as a lot of left overs from deleted programs as well as, most likely, some "invisible" processes that slows down the computer..

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