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Yeah.. I'm alive, in pretty good mood and feeling ok, even if I'm darn tired right now. Need to go to bed, for sure..

Bought a new VCR today.. Thought the last one I bought were gonna be the last one, before I completely went with DVD. But.. I do wear them out, with really heavy use. And they, for sure, doesn't make them the way they did.
In fact, the VCR is the most complicated machine, electronics and mechanical, ever to be released as a consumer product. Basically everything has to work, for it to function properly. With cheaper quality, combined with heavy use, I guess they don't last that long. Only bought a very basic model, from Sony. At least, especially after they introduced DVD, they've became really, really cheap. That there's not much new to offer, of course works towards that too. The computer inside it is a touch smarter, but that's all. They've reached the limit for quality of sound and image a long time ago. It has Stereo etc. Then there's nothing much they can do to "improve" the product.

A reason why I've been so silent the last couple of days, is because I'm still working on cleaning up the computer, and it's getting really close. Much of it having to do with me having a real go at it, instead of doing a lot of stuff that might be funnier, but not exactly productive..

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