Thom' Luka (luka91) wrote,
Thom' Luka

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And yes.. I'm alive..

I'm feeling pretty ok.. not entirely, but.. as close as can be.. At least, I've been able to work 2 days here..

Haven't been to LJ in a couple of days tho. Not because of that.. even if I've been a touch lazy, and slightly out of mood.. Guess I'll have to check each and all's LJs, instead of my Friends Page..

So.. what have I've been up to..

First of all.. I got a new computer Wednesday.. It's been something like that in a lot of countries.. But.. you're able to get computers fairly cheap, through your workplace.. First of all, since the company buys a lot of them, or lease or whatever, they get a fair price on them.. second. They draw the cost of it leasing it before they count the income tax. That way.. you lower the amount of money you'll have to pay taxes for.
You had 2, I think, computers to pick from.. both Windows unfortunately.. and I got the laptop one.. An IBM ThinkPad R30, 1 GHz, 256 MB RAM, 30 GB HD, DVD, 14.1" monitor, Windows XP + Microsoft Office XP. The reason I got it was.. well.. I'd like to have a laptop.. being able to take it with me etc. Another reason being that some programs I use, has more features in Windows, such as MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. In the Mac version of Yahoo, as an example, you can't see, or broadcast, video, as you're able in the Windows version..

Then, there's a couple of programs not avaible for Mac at all, such as those programs to create stuff for The Sims. But generally.. most of the time, I'm not gonna use it that much.. My desktop Mac is still my main computer..

The other reason why I haven't been around, is that I try to sort stuff on the computer and back it up on CDs, because I need to reformat an re-install in order to get some order.. And.. well.. this time I've said I'm gonna do it properly, so that I can have a lot of stuff on CD, and use it from those, and only have the needed stuff on the HD..

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