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Thom' Luka

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tHaNk yOu ALL!!! :)

I've not been up to comment on your wishes for me getting better, but I've had Outlook running, and reading your comment, and it's been comforting, for sure..

Not sure what's wrong, actually...

As I said in last post.. I felt kinda ok when I woke up.. then when I tried to stand up, get out of bed, everything started spinning, and I really had to stand up slowly to have some balance..
And, it's basically the same still.. If you've been drunk, and went to bed, and the room has started to spin, you basically know the feeling, except that now I'm totally clear-headed about it.
Feel a touch sleepy, and a little ill, but not that bad. I don't think I've got a fever, but feel a touch cold.
It's pretty ok sitting up. Not that good when lying down, and as soon as I've been lying down, it's a real problem when I need to stand up. Walking is so so..

Not having any pain or anything, even if I started getting a bad headache before.. but was able to stop it with some pain-killers.. At least I were able to keep it down. Usually when I feel really sick, or have a migraine, having some pain-killers seems to be a good way starting feeling sick enough to throw up...

I don't know.. I might have started feeling better sticking some fingers up the throat, but.. well.. I so hate throwing up, I'm not exactly gonna do that. If I'm so sick I can't stop from throwing up, ok.. but.. and it might be real stupid, since you can start feeling a lot better if you do, but.. I don't know.. forcing it.. it's not for me..

Have dragged half of the bed out in front of the TV, so I've been trying to rest, watching TV.. mostly the movie channel, and then some hockey, since it's the semi-finals here in Sweden (Managed it, even if it were some probs as first, getting kinda sea-sick trying to follow it).

Oh.. and it's weird how emotional one gets, when getting sick.. At least I've been.. Cried tons, seeing some Kirsten Dunst movie.. Well.. no.. it wasn't because it was that bad.. :) Oh.. "Strike!/All I wanna do". Not that special, but interesting.. a more feministic "Clueless", in some way..

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