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The 74th Academy Award..

Thought I wouldn't comment on it, but.. hey..

Is it just me, or haven’t the Oscars become incredibly boring lateley. Nothing that sticks out.. Nothing outside of the screenplay (and yes.. they actually have a screenplay for that show).

I think Billy Crystal did the 72th.. and.. well.. he seemed tired, as did the show..
Steve Martin was fun, but last year’s show was, well.. rushed. Streamlined, where they had cut every corner possible..

And this year.. One might think with Whoopi Goldberg, it’d maybe get a touch wilder.. but.. nope. Not sure why they picked her... Obviously because they think she’s fun etc.. But, as usual with “Hollywood” they see something, strips it of what they love about it.. All the French movies Hollywood is nuts about re-making, but stripping of all the edge and soul that made them interesting in the first place. Is it wise to put Whoopi Goldberg in a straight jacket, when it’s obvious they’ve picked her for her being the one she is. It would be like having Robin Williams and have him keep a straight face, straight voice and have him stand still the whole night..

Another quite uneventful Oscars show. They always have that Highlights show.. well..

Benigni about “Ben-Hur” seen from behind the screen.
Woody Allen (even if he kinda stuck to his standard Stand Up Comedin routine) being fun. Who expected anything but.. he started out a comedy writer and stand up comedian.. if he doesn’t know how to work an audience.. who would?
Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson showing why they’re among the more interesting comedians at the moment..

And, as usual, the Best Female Actress Award kinda stole the show, as it has done for the last number of years..

Except that.. a couple of fun comments in the thank you speeches.. Randy Newman about having worked with some of the musicians in the orchestra, and just might work with them again.. or not.. :) etc.. but not that many..

It was a great intro to the In Memorandium, even if it, I guess, touched the Americans way more than the rest of the world. Usually one of the best things during the Oscars, it felt a touch subdued this year.. Maybe because they started with Jack Lemmon, who I guess is the most missed one, the one getting the tears..

Cirque de Soleil (sp?) was good, but so boringly filmed it totally got lost..

Dresses.. well.. Flowers seemed to be the fashion this year.. (and bright lipstick). Kinda boring year, where they stuck to the “traditional” and “proper”. Very much like the show in itself..

Didn’t a lot of the presenters look really stiff and kinda nervous this year..

And I’ve commented about the starving trend among the actresses already.. It’s so sad.. not to mention ugly.. The worst part is that so many of those I’ve “admired” for being attractive, seems to be the worst off.. Jennifer Connelly looked so great in Rocketeer and The Hot Spot.. now.. :( Reese Witherspoon looking so great in Pleasantville, Election etc. Now you had to look twice to see it was her.. :((((((((( Kirsten Dunst seemed to have gone that way too..
And no.. I don’t have anything against thin people.. I think Cameron Diaz looks generally good, but.. she fits it, having that body and not needing to starve herself to be that way..

Didnt’ John Williams include a touch too many of his own music in the medley.. Nice that he honored Randy Newman in that medley tho, despite him not having won, and not having any famous theme.

Oh.. and they awarded some movies too.. :) Now, I can’t really comment on the awards being right or wrong, since I’m far from having seen that many of the movies. That way, it’s a comment of the politics and the “image” of the movies..

Not that huge surprises.. It was pretty clear that no movie would run away with half the Oscars.. but if it was a favorite, it was A Beautiful Mind. It being a “wonderful” person overcoming something against all odds and come out as a winner.. Nicely avoiding everything that isn’t pc.. exactly the kind of movie “Hollywood” cherises.. And a movie that, most likely, serves it’s own purpose.. Nash might be an interesting person, but why deny him being bi-sexual and a racist?. The thing is.. it’s a story Hollywood tells over and over again, not to mention all those “Based on a True Story” TV-movies of the week.. Why base it on a true story, when you want to tell the story as such and not giving a damn about the real life? I guess, because if you made up a story like that, nobody in the world would care.. but.. when we know it’s based on a real person, we’re able to be emotional. It’s basically the same as with “Ali”.. They wanted to tell a certain story, and 10 years of Ali’s life fitted that story..
A nice emotional feel good movie, I guess..

Actually Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the ring and Moulin Rouge! switched places from my predictions.. I thought MR would get 4, and LOTR 2.. Actually changed some predictions towards MR! after having seen it..
“The Academy” always gives best cinematography to “Epic” photography of Grande Vistas, so I guess it was a favorite, thanks to it being able to capture the scenery of New Zealand in a beautiful way.. Did pic MR! because I think it was more photography, where the photography in itself is used for the story-telling. Costumes and “Production Design” was pretty clear, since they often go with “Costume” movies, and never ever goes for “fantasy”. MR! was up to get some Oscars, and I guess those were natural... Thought it would get for editing too, but I guess the lousy pacing of the movie as a whole, worked against it..

Sound ALWAYS goes to war movies.. if there is one.. so it wasn’t much of a surprise that the two war movies would get those..

Randy Newman being a huge favorite of mine, so guess if I’m happy that he finally got an Oscar (now he only needs 8 more to catch up with his father Alfred Newman :) ). Didn’t dare guess on him tho, thinking that they would honor Paul McCartney for him being who he is, and reaching age, the way they seemed to have honored Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen etc..

As for music.. what can one say.. most are surprised that the Musical, Moulin Rouge! wasn’t nominated.. but.. well.. the problem is that it didn’t have much original music, it being a “medley” of old songs.. Even the one original song, wasn’t written for the movie, but to Romeo+Julia but never used..

Now I haven’t seen Iris, but.. wonder if Jim Broadbent had won if he hadn’t been in MR! as well.. He’s a really great actor tho, so.. I guess it’s another trend.. The female supporting actress going to a young actress (Unless an old actress appears in a Woody Allen movie, then they get it), the male supporting actor going to an old actor. Beauty and the beast, kinda..

With Halle Berry winning the BAFTA (UK), and other awards, she was kind of forgotten favorite (obviously the colour of her skin, sadly, stopping her from being a clear favorite). Knowing she’d been awarded at the BAFTA, with Sidney Poitier being awarded and Whoopi Goldberg returning as host.. I don’t know.. had some kind of feeling that this would be an Afro-American year.. That way.. I wasn’t that surprised that Denzel Washington would get it (Actually changed to him 2 hrs before the Oscars started, in my Oscar Pool predictions).

Think that if Nicole Kidman would have won, it would’ve been for all her movies last year, rather than MR! (in which she was too uneven, and not that good a lot of the time), and best actor/actress for some reason, rarely goes to someone with lots of movies.. If it had been fair, Julianne Moore would’ve gotten it last year, when she had 3 movies she could’ve been nominated for, basically.. Sissy Spacek. Well.. she already has an Oscar, and even if she’s a great character actress, isn’t exactly a “star”. The same with Judi Dench. Both loosing out on being too dramatic, I guess.. They migh win if they have a charming part. Renee Zellweger. Obviously, if a man puts on weight for a part, he’s gonna win.. but a woman.. no way.. (ironic). The main problem being, I guess, that it was a comic part, and thus not taken seriously..

Male.. Russel Crowe was obviously out of it.. He’s not charming enough to have a streak like Tom Hanks.. I guess, being a total jerk (according to the rumours) after having winning last year, I guess nobody wanted to give him another..
Sean Penn.. an outsider, and probably the best of the nominated. I guess, if the movie had been more nominated, he’d stood a chance. In a way the same as with Denzel Washington. One of the best actors around, turning out really good performances in every other movie he does. I guess it being in the air, as well as him loosing out from being a favorite with “The Hurricane”, gave him the Oscar. (The male Oscar always seems to go to an actor deserving it but with the wrong movie. I think Russel Crowe got it for loosing out with The Insider, combined with it being the clean sweep movie of the year).

Foreign best movie. Haven’t seen any of them.. but “No Man’s Land” is said to be one of the strongest movies of last year, as well as the academy being a touch more daring when it comes to foreign movies, probably because they want something that’s the opposite of “hollywood”, so I guess it really was the best movie winning.

Best animated.. Well.. no surprise.. Monsters, Inc might be a better “animated” movie, in it being able to be a classic movie, while Shrek has too many movie references that’ll be forgotten in 5 years.. I guess it was.. the obvious winner..

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