Thom' Luka (luka91) wrote,
Thom' Luka

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I've tried getting my webcam working for a couple of days, but it has refused to work for several reasons, the upload, and after a lot of work, I found out that my disc quota was full on the server.. Darn.. Ok.. Emergency re-desing of site.. well.. delete a lot of pages, huge pictures etc.. Nothing vital, I hope.. mostly pages that I've created (because of links), that's under construction, and doesn't contain much else than a text saying what it would have been on it in some distant future (which aren't gonna come, since I'm completely re-designing the site from scratch. Some big pictures, including it's pages, also had to go, which cleared a lot of space. I had thumbnails, which lead to a page with the image, and some info about it. That pic, worked as a link to a huge. 400 pixel high image, and.. images as big as that, takes a lot of valuable, when you don't have that much of it, space on the server.

At least, now I'm able to use my webcam again, if I want to..


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