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According to my "The Concise English Dictionary"

"SEX (seks) [F. sexe L sexum, nom. -us, perh. cogn. with secãre, to cut] n. The sum total of the physiological, anatomical and functional characteristics which distinguish male and female; the quality of being male and female; (collect.</b>) males or females, men or women."

That's been one of the main mysteries in my life... Since I learned that, doing a photographic project based on counting from 1 - 10 + 11 (1+1), I've tried to learn what those differences are..

I've learned that, Sex got the name out of what was regarded as the differences between men and women, sex = six, sometimes way back.. but, for some reason, I can't find any info about that at all..

I'd love to learn that, because that probably would be a great theme for some other photographic project, or something..

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