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March 8

I've started a community!

Paralympics has started in Salt Lake City. At least in Sweden, the 2 - 3 weeks before the Olympics started, there were almost nothing but the Olympics in the media.. Now, when Paralympics, you really have to look hard, to find anything about it.. It's almost as if it weren't.. Sad!

Today, obviously, is the International Women's Day. Now, one could always discuss. So.. this is THE day.. the women's day.. what about the other 364 days.. Men's days?? It's really, really sad, that something so natural, needs a certain day when things are focused on them.
I'm totally against gender-focusing. We're all humans. Just a different gender. Doesn't mean we're "different humans". At least we shouldn't see it that way. Yes.. women and men has some different needs, but those needs should be taken for granted!

Astrid Lindgren is buried today. A great humanist. There's too few of them, really...

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