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Since I'm very much into movies, of course, Oscars (ok.. Academy Awards) is one thing I can't avoid. I don't really care about it, in the sense that I believe in it, too political etc.. But.. It's special, of course.
Well. the winner is.. Julia Roberts, I think. Sure enlightened the show. Steve Martin is great, but.. the show is too slick.. nothing sticks out..

Just went to the site were I had predicted the winners... and.. well.. Did pretty fair.. Out of the 23 awards you could predict, I were able to pick 13. (Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Foreign Language, Original screenplay, Cinematography, Editing, Costume, Makeup, Sound, Sound Editing and Visual Effects).

Not bad, when I've seen only one of the movies.. Gladiator, which I thought sucked bad time.. That way, even if I kinda knew it would win, couldn't bring myself to predict it..
Obviously most were guessing, and.. well. Some, as most of the ones I predicted, were kinda obvious.. It's slightly harder when it comes to best documentary, best short documentary, best short animation etc, were you haven't even heard about any of them before..

So.. I say: 13 out of 19.. : )

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