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DVD - Final Fantasy / Mystery Men

Just saw "Final Fantasy" and "Mystery Men" on DVD..

Not sure what to say. The story is kinda alright, only told extremely slowly.

The main criticism is that everything is going soooo slow.. It's like all people are moving in slow motion, for some reason, which is a major problem with humans in animated movies most of the time. But here, basically everything moves slooow. Probably in order to get a "beautful" look. Some kind of epic quality to it..

The animation is fairly good, but actually the thing that destroys the movie. It's really good, most of the time very life-like, but there's never any doubt that it's animated (one problem being that the clothes doesn't "wrinkle", and the faces being kinda too smooth). The problem is that, being so close to life-like, it kinda draws attention to it. Wanting it or not, you kinda look at the animation all the time, instead of just relax and become engaged in the movie. You never do that in a RL movie, nor in a clearly animated movie. Far from that bad, tho.. You actually want to see how it ends etc. The art direction is wonderful. R: 324

"Mystery Men". Was curious about this one. It clearly follows the: from loosers to winners-formula, and to some degree succeeds, since you actually care about the characters. The main problem with the movie is that it ends up in some kind of limbo. It wants to be fun, wild and satirical, but is too nice and "tight", to be neither. Sure, it has some fun moments, but in general, it plays it too safe and mild. The main problem being that it has such weak first half, and a better second half, when it starts to get a touch wilder. Much of it probably having to do with severe problems in editing. The movie went through extensive re-cutting before release, to try to get it to work, and in the process, it seems, cutting out lots of vital story-elements. They make almost nothing of Greg Kinnear/Captain Fantastic, and Lena Olin simply disappears (her part was cut down with about 90 %). Sad, because you feel there's a movie in there, somewhere, but not on the screen as it is.. "Buckaroo Banzai" wins on points. R: 222

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