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DVD 368 - 372

Yay.. Got home from work and had a small box waiting for me..

New DVDs.. (as if I didn't have any before LOL)

"Fanny and Alexander". Nice, the 5 hrs version.. As before, I had to get it from UK, since they f****g sucks here in Sweden, releasing movies. The 5 hrs, which has been shown on TV, of course, have never been avaible to buy in Sweden. The 3 hrs version were avaible on VHS, but not the 5 hrs.. Kinda weird, when Ingmar Bergman is our national throphy when it comes to movies..

"Final Fantasy" I haven't seen it, but... I like the style of the animations in the games, to say the least. Well... the style as such, but.. mostly it's the mood of them, or whatever one should say.. That way, it's gonna be interesting to see this one, even if most say it's confusing and has a far too simple storyline..

"French Connection Box" A box with The French Connection and French Connection II. Not sure what to say about those..

"Memento" Haven't seen yet, so... can't say much about it..

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