Chapter 1,315 - How God thought it was time for some fireworks

Went to town to get back the tyre I handed in yesterday. An action I had to do, since the tire in question refused to behave like a normal tyre and actually keep the air.

Went to Åhlèns first where I bought the book "The Perfume" by Patrick Süskind, since it was 50% off the sale price (Got a hardcover version of it for 24.50 SEK / $3, "28 Days Later" on DVD as well as "Grand Turismo 4" for my PS2.

Then I headed to the Tyre company and I saw lightning, and towards the west the sky was getting awfully dark. Got my tyre then headed to the store to buy some food. When I'd payed and was gonna make my way back to the car, it had started to rain. A lot, but not totally bad. Made it to the car without getting soaked, at least. Didn't made it long before the sky pulled into overdrive, making it really hard to see much. When I made it home, it was raining so much I decided to just turn off the engine and wait for the worst to pass before I made the effort of running out to open the garage door.

While I was sitting there, there was lightning with the thunder coming essentially the same time. Geeez! Not even when watching fireworks, I've heard the bang as fast after the bomb have exploded. It was that instant. It was so close to the lightning I didn't notice if the car did it then, but the next thunder actually made the car to rock.

Impressive.. :)

Chapter 1,314 - How internet can be a pain in the a** at times

I'm not sure if I did anything wrong, but I can't find a site that lists what laws applies to photography around the world.

What I'm looking for is what's allowed to photograph.

In some countries, you're essentially allowed to photograph anything you see, while other countries have strict laws that doesn't allow photographing people or buildings etc, without a permission.

That would be a very handy list if you plan to go on a trip, visiting other countries, if one want to make sure to stay on the right side of the law.

All I can find are copyright issues and publishing photos online. Not a single thing about what's allowed to photograph in the first place.

The closest I got, was that it seem to be allowed to do up-skirt or down-blouse photographs in USA, since it's up to the individual to protect themselves in a public space, compared to places where privacy is expected (home, dressing rooms, toilets etc).

Hmm.. I got no clue to where to look for a list like that :(

Chapter 1,312 - How funny ;-)

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Chapter 1,311 - How bizarre..

This is weird..

dissolvedgurl write about a TV turning on by itself and ends the post with:

*Que twilight zone music*

Then I read in lorelei_aisling's journal about her finding someone who could be her doppelganger in some ways.. and ends it with:

*Twilight Zone music*

I'm starting to feel as if I have started to experience..

".. the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to... The Outer Limits."

Chapter 1,309 - How I purchase a really good book

I saw an interesting book about Photoshop some time ago. I thought it a touch expensive, so I never bought it, because I didn't know if I could afford it.

Today I went to the bookstore to look for something else, which they didn't have, and essentially on impulse (and partly because redpirk had bought a Photoshop book) I bought this book.

It's by Scott Kelby and is called "The Adobe Photoshop CS Book for Digital Photographers" (There's several versions of it, at least a CS2 version, even if the basic functions obviously stay the same from version to version)

I haven't read it as such, just browsed, but it seems really, really good because of two reasons:

A: It's done as a work process. Essentially, the way any photographer do (or should do), starting with uploading the images to the computer (it doesn't deal with photography at all) and burning a CD with those images the first thing, before doing a single other thing (Personally, I have 2 partions on a separate HD and copy the images to a partion called "Camera", then to the other partion called "Created", and I only touch the images on the "Created" folder, never the ones on the "Camera" partion).

It then goes through basic fixing of the images, in case the image is noisy, ruined by a flash etc.. all the way to a "prepared" photo that can be used for prints or uploading or sending through e-mail etc.

B: The book answers "essential" questions, we all encounter, rather than show how you do "stupid" effects.

As in: "Help, it was dark and my images have all these red and blue small noise dots in them. Can I fix that?"

As well as retouching beauty portraits etc.

In that sense, it feels very professional. As in.. it doesn't teach you how to make fun images for your photo album, as much as it try to teach you how to create what a professional editor on a magazine would do, and not doing that with advanced explanation. Just step by step how you create a certain thing.

What it doesn't do:

It doesn't try to explain what the features in Photoshop do. No pictures of the tool palette with a list of text to what every tool does.

It doesn't say a thing about photography. It start with you opening a picture in photoshop, essentially, and ends with you saving the image.

Chapter 1,307 - How movies raise questions

I watched "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" on DVD.

One of the "new" interesting movies which uses Digital Technology in order to create the world of the movie.

The problem with the movie is that there's no point to the fact that it's done the way it is, and it's nothing new in the sense that it does nothing we've not seen before. The background might be digitally created. Have anyone heard about Backprojection? It's been used a very long time to place actors in a studio in some other place.

If you take away the technology, what remains is a standard "Biggles"-adventure, for good and worse.

As with most adventures, it's a matter of saving the world as we know it.

One problem I have with that kind of story, where they save the world from total destruction is the fact that: "Eh, so, if life got wiped out, who's left to complain?"

It did raise a question.

Imagine you're a "hero", coming up on that "mad" scientist who plans the destruction of the world. Say that he/she has created an Eden, with an "Arc" to save a pair of all species on earth, and essentially create a new start for earth, maybe better.

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Chapter 1,306 - How I conciously poisoned myself

Even if I've been home from work one week already, having a week off according to my schedule, most, including me, start our 4 weeks of vacation tomorrow. That way we had a "summerparty" at work yesterday. Went to a beach on the other side of the lake here, very popular place in the summer, and they do have a restaurant and camping and all that there.

Now, the weather wasn't that good, so when we arrived there at 4 p.m. there weren't a lot of people there. We had dinner, which was fairly good. Not the best I've had, but.. on the better side.

After that we just hang out on their terrace, chatting and drinking... Just relaxing and having fun.

I'll tell you.. it's not that good when the woman, one of them, serving in the bar have a very interesting look. I wouldn't say she's drop-dead gorgeous, but fairly attractive, and for sure someone I'd like to try to photograph. Became a touch too many visits to the bar, that way :( (Ok.. that was helped by the fact that they had very colourful Xider drinks there. Got me curious, so I tried a green one.. (Cactus and Lime), and that one was good. But.. then I had to try the red one (Mandarin/Chili) and the Yellow (Pine/??) one as well.. to see which one was the best.. Guess I should be happy they only had 3 colours, instead of the whole range of them :-p

Didn't drink that much.. in all.. 1 glass of red wine with the food, 4 beers (strong) and those 3 Xiders. But I very rarely drink (never seem to have neither time nor point), so it did have effect.

Did chat with ljuvefreya (I just had to check to see if it was readable :-p, but I only had misspelled 3 words.. the strange thing is that all had with countries to do.. writing "dansksan" instead of "danskan" (Danish), and "Svergie" / "Sverige" (Sweden) as well as "Engleskan" /"Engelskan" (The English). Funny.. ). But, had to go to bed fairly early, because I was so tired. Hadn't went to bed until 5 a.m. or something like that, and woke up way before I intended, before going away to the party etc.

Woke up this morning, and I have felt better. Probably a combination of the food and the drink, actually. Didn't had as much hang-over as I my stomach was upset. The food had been very hot etc, so I do think it kinda set a little spin on the stomach. Sort of similar to when I've had a really hot Pizza or Kebab or something. Not that good when you've been drinking too. Were able to get back to sleep tho, and slept really long. At least woke up in time for Tour de France on TV :). Slightly too undramatic. I really suffered yesterday, because I had to leave right when things started to happen. But, I'm impressed with Armstrong. It's not that he's best as such. It's the way he's in full control. Sort of, doesn't matter what the others do, he just goes along. There's nobody "important" that can leave him in the dust. He's always there, no matter what they try to come up with.

Anyway.. Before I went home yesterday, I was out on the beach and saw how pretty it was with the sky and the calm lake, so I had to pull out my mobile/cell and take a picture of it.. I became fairly satisfied with how the image turned out, despite only using the phone as well as not being entirely sober when I took it.